Why Do I Homeschool?

momschool homeschoolWhen we first began this homeschooling journey over 15 years ago, there were alot of people who were unhappy with our choice. As a family completely involved in a private school (principal and a teacher) to pull our children and bring them home was huge, even our pastor gave us a little grief. Fast forward to today, and homeschooling is almost mainstream. When someone announces their decision to homeschool, there isn’t eye rolling and gasps all around. In fact, every family in our church is homeschooling now. The times are definitely changing!

What has made the difference?

1) All those ages ago, the public schools weren’t in the condition that they are now. In fact, my parents could trust that I could walk down the street to the bus stop and go to school on my own. Now, we don’t even let our children walk down the street alone, and the public schools are not much better. Don’t get me wrong, I know that not every public school is terrible. Some of them have issues because of the students, some of them because of the curriculum, and some because the teachers just don’t care anymore. The reasons/causes are myriad and differing… but the problem remains… it just isn’t the same place that it was a few decades ago.

2) Socialization used to be the buzz word. Even up to 5 years ago, socialization was a major concern of those who were against homeschooling. Yet, homeschooling since its rise in popularity has so many options to offer. Co – ops are everywhere, support groups abound, athletics are available, and even extracurricular activities are offered for the homeschooled kiddo. Homeschool families are busier than ever (at least that is the case at our house) with all of the super engaging social activities available to us – what does “socialization” mean anyway?

3)  Years ago, homeschool curriculum was limited and rather costly. Today, homeschool curriculum has been made widely available and amazingly affordable. In fact, there are open courses on the internet that can be accessed with a few clicks of your mouse that are free and offered by some of the best colleges and universities in our nation. There are also quality homeschooling resources for younger children that can be found for free or cheap. No longer is affordability an issue…

4) Homeschooling is not easy – but it’s convenient. For our family of six children, I could not imagine getting lunches packed, clothes on, homework done, and all kids delivered to their school each day. Not to mention pick up and then drive time to each kiddo’s sports activity. Wow! For us, homeschooling is much simpler. We wake up, eat breakfast together (at a leisurely pace), have devotion time, get started on school, eat lunch, spend the afternoon playing or drawing, learn to sew, take piano lessons, play softball, and then eat dinner with our entire family and spend the evening together. WOW! For us, this lifestyle is much less stressful and more convenient.

Since I’ve started homeschooling the general view of homeschooling has changed, and I believe for the better. It’s made it easier to homeschool, and I have to say a lot more fun now that there are LOADS of people joining us! What is your opinion on the view of homeschooling today?

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