Using Life Experience to Teach

I must admit, I believe homeschooling is an awesome way to teach. Are you asking why? I’d love to share why…I believe it is simply because teaching doesn’t stop after you finish your studies. Teaching and learning is a lifestyle.
When you plan your grocery list for the week, do you involve your children? You can teach them budgeting skills as well as organization and planning.

How about when you pay the bills? Everyone seems to be struggling financially these days, but what a great chance to train your children how to handle difficulties. Allow your children to be in on how you are creatively planning to take care of the needs of your home. What better way to prepare them to face the challenges of adulthood?

What about the basic upkeep of the home? Teach your children the fundamental skills of keeping their area clean and neat. Then move on to teaching them how to care for the entire house. Don’t be afraid to show them how to properly clean a toilet or how to clean out a refrigerator. (Obviously after they have scrubbed their hands!) Rotate weekly responsibilities between children; this way children get practice at doing a variety of chores instead of just one.

Don’t forget this vital part of your child’s education.Teaching your child functional living skills will serve them for the rest of their lives.

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