Top Tips for Teaching Math To Young Children

love for math

love for mathGiving our children a solid foundation in math should be a homeschool mom’s priority. With the US falling more behind each year in this area, the demand for mathematically based jobs is increasing. I know, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy to mention early learning and math careers in the same paragraph. Yet, I don’t want to be a part of the “declining education” statistics.

Teaching math sense to our young children through games and fun activities is an awesome way to provide a concrete awareness along side a fun view of math. Here are a few ideas to you going…

1) Encourage your children to help you with daily mathematical duties. Things like preparing recipes, planning a grocery store visit, doubling a recipe or dividing up the cookies are all great ways to begin concrete mathematical sense.

2) Encourage them to use a calendar. Make it a family “thing” by planning your schedule on it or even keeping track of rewards.

3) Use a regular face clock in your home.

4) Teach fractions by dividing recipes or pizzas.

5)Look for pattern and symmetry in the world around you.

6) Use wonderful mathematics integrated literature from your local library.

7) Solve jigsaw puzzles regularly.

8) Use measurement tools – yardstick, ruler, daddy’s tape measure…

9)Use a scale to weigh various things, and introduce the concept of weight.

10) Have a thermometer hung somewhere so you can track the outdoor temperature.

Sure, each of these things seem little, but put together… they can give your child the solid preparation they need for more formal math learning. After a few years of math games they’ll be ready for abstract thinking!

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