Top 5 Tips for Busy Moms

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I don’t know about you, but I really love – “Top 5 Tips” about stuff. It’s like getting a mega dose of all the important things in one easy to read 3 minute sitting. So, in appreciation of all those wonderful “Top… tips” out there on the web – here’s mine.
1) Order your life – Yes, it will take time up front, but if you can organize your house (it saves time when you know where to find something), and your life you will add more time to your schedule. Get rid of things that add stress to your life. Are you stressed out about that bowling league that you joined 3 years ago and now hate? Just quit… look at other things in your life that add stress, do you NEED it to be a part of your life? If not, move on. Use a calendar to organize your schedule or download your online calendar to your smart phone. Then set it to remind you of important events.

2)Be Prepared – set your goals for the next day – make a “to do” list. Prepare for the next day before you go to bed. Prepare your grocery list before you leave the house. Plan your errand day for ONE day a week, organize all you have to do on that day.

3) Delegate if possible – Have a chore list for everyone in your house. As your children get older, give them more work intensive chores. This not only frees you, but prepares them to run their own household in the future.

4) Pay your bills online. Check with your bank about their online account availability. Almost all banks offer this service for free now. Sign up and add all your regular bills that you pay. You can then watch your balance, and with one click pay all your bills that are due right from one website. This saves time and money – (stamps and envelopes!)

5) Make time for yourself and your sweetheart. Schedule an appointment for that long overdue haircut. Make a date with your “honey” and just sit and talk over a meal. It is vital to be in tune with your spouse. If you don’t, one day soon when those kids are gone it will be just you two and you’ll feel like strangers. …remember romance? I know you do, it’s back there with those pre-children memories!

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