Top 5 Must Do’s before you start your HOMESCHOOL

Top 5 Must-Do'sBefore School StartsIt is the end of June. Sorry to have to state the obvious, but it never ceases to amaze me how fast the summer flies by. I enjoy the relaxed days of spending time with my children, and enjoying swimming and parks. The days really do just fly by, and before we know it – it will be time to get things rolling again! Home education is great, and the best thing we can do for our children, but it sure isn’t easy. To help you get your “focus” on, I’ve listed my top 5 things “to do” before you dive back into homeschooling.
1. Clean out, discard, and organize. Get rid of things that are weighing you down. You really don’t need that tattered outdated spelling curriculum. In fact there’s a great online option that changed my life. Homeschoolers are curriculum collectors… don’t join the peer pressure. Keep what you need, and sell or donate what you don’t. A cluttered schoolroom is a haven of distraction for your student! Keep it neat and organized and your student will be less distracted from learning.

2. Review how you did last year. Did you like what you did? Did you accomplish your goals? What curriculum was awesome? What curriculum do you need to dump? Were you stressed out? What do you want from your home school in the future?

3. Use your list in #2 to help you determine what curriculum you should add to your school this year. Purchase only curriculum that will help you achieve those goals. Research the curriculum before you buy, check out samples online, and ask around. Be sure that it is a good match before you plunk down a load of cash for it.

4. Purchase your school supplies and teaching aids in August. This is the best time of year to purchase mundane needs such as pencils, notebooks, erasers, and glue. These supplies are so cheap that it is crazy not to take advantage of it. I usually buy enough of each to last us all year. Your first year will be an estimate, but in later years, you will get to know just how much you need to make it through an entire year.

5. Make your goals and objectives for the year clear and definable. Everyone in your family should be able to understand them. Review your curriculum, and look for what it will require from you on a daily basis. Then make a “loose” schedule that acurately reflects your family and their needs. I don’t like to make a time schedule because it makes me feel like a failure when we don’t meet it. I like to make a subject schedule – basically what we need to do each day/week. The kids can cross it off as they complete it.

Well, that’s pretty much what I do to start of my year. What do you do?

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