The Power of Performance

Children are absolutely amazing! Have you ever just looked at a little on and realized how much they have learned to do in the short time that they have been here? Children have the amazing ability to learn in almost any way at almost every given moment. They are like little sponges with their minds wide open waiting to soak everything up.

Yet, children really learn best while doing. As we mentioned before they learn while playing… as the child gets older the same is still true. Though, they wouldn’t want you to call it play… Still as we homeschool our older children, its best to remember whatever we teach our children should be able to be “performed.”The child can sit and read or listen all day, but what difference does it make if they haven’t been able to assimilate the knowledge? Performance brings it all together. If a child is taught about electricity and how batteries work… he will forever remember the lesson if he has to hook up a simple circuit to a battery. Making time to have our children “perform” what they have learned can make all the difference.

My favorite method of assessment is just that… “performance assessment.”  Performance is simply the application and demonstration of what has been learned.  Instead of just slapping a paper and pencil in front of your child to test their ability, have them perform what they have been learning.

Performance is glue for the memory!

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