The New Year’s Resolution for Homeschooling!

homeschool new year resolutionI love to learn how to do things better! In fact, I always enjoy learning new things and applying them to our homeschool. The better I can be as a teacher, the better I can teach my children. So, when the end of a year rolls around I like to review the year and examine whether or not I was able to reach my goals and IF the method I used to reach my goals was effective. Sometimes the year has been great, and sometimes there are alot of things that I could improve! So, when I make a New Year’s Resolution for my homeschool, what I’m really doing is trying to effect a change in behavior somewhere. You know most resolutions just simply get forgotten or are broken as easily as they are made. I don’t want that. I want good change, the benefits will be lasting! Since all of us homeschool parents are essentially teachers… here’s some education theory…to effect a change of behavior we need to make it become a habit. Once the good behavior becomes a habit… it is truly hard to break!

So, apply that to New Year’s Resolutions… make the resolution into a habit that you practice daily. Just like exercising these new habits will be hard to form at first, but once you’ve practiced it every day… it’ll be easy – no sweat right? Also, when we want to form a good habit we begin with small easy steps. A single behavior at a time is what we can handle successfully. Yet, most people set New Year’s Resolutions that are huge leaps of faith, and essentially set themselves up for disaster from the beginning. Take small steps, and work on small behaviors until they become good habits.

You’ll see your Resolutions still in force come this December if you take it one step at a time!

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