The College Degree Market Crash

So, what’s up with college education these days? It’s obvious the price is going up, but the benefits are going down. It’s hard to swallow, but sadly true.  It’s common to pay out the nose for a college degree only to find out that even that doesn’t guarantee a good job in your field. What should young adults do?

Well, there are many options that can by pass college education altogether. Experience, apprenticeship training, specific certification courses, and many others are great alternatives to spending a fortune on a college degree. Yet, there remains the fact that many professions require that expensive piece of paper otherwise known as a college degree. Among those requiring a degree are teachers and most professions within the medical field – and they require training for good reason. If your teen is interested in one of those professions, they’ll have to find a work around for the rising expense of a good eduction.

Some great options include taking advantage of dual education – getting into college before you graduate from highschool. Others homeschoolers have focused on getting a scholarship eligible score on the SAT or ACT. Test prep and the option of taking those standardized tests multiple times can help your student get a score in the “scholarship” zone.

There are also a large pool of scholarship offerings that aren’t need based and don’t require a genius IQ. In fact, many scholarships are available for a simple essay or even an original video.  There are so many scholarships available that your student should apply to every one that seems plausible.

Another popular way to help alleviate the high cost of college education is through taking AP or CLEP tests. The student can study at home and use online study guides and then take the test. Often the student is awarded 2,4,6 or more hours according to the score they received on the test.

The most important thing to remember is to encourage your teen to reach for their dream. Giving them the tools to do that is what we’re here for – think out of the box. It may not be what everyone else is doing, but finding a way to reach their dream without spending a fortune is important!

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