Teaching Elementary Science part 1

Sure, there are lots of great ready made science curriculums that you can purchase. They make homeschooling easier, and they provide a knowledge base for parents who aren’t skilled in science. Yet, is that really a good thorough study of science? B.K. Hixson syas, “Good science education is always discovered and never force fed.” Learning science can either be a fact driven dry as dust (remember little) experience, or an experience that you did and remembered alot of. Mr. Hixson tells us there are several things children need to learn in a science study:

  • creating
  • classifying
  • experimenting
  • follow directions
  • graphing
  • hypothesizing
  • inferring
  • measuring
  • observing
  • sequencing

Yet, what is the point of a science study anyway? The world is a fascinating place, and with each exploration of it we are learning and studying the ONE who created it. The true point of science gives glory to God.

The study of science should be one of exploration and discovery not of memorization and rehearsing dry facts. Exploring the science around us will undoubtedly leave a greater impression.


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