Teaching Bible in Your Homeschool

As a Christian, I believe that everyday should start with prayer and acknowledging my dependence on my Savior. I do try to begin our homeschool day in the same manner. We study God’s Word, pray, and even sing some fun children’s songs. Yet, sometimes the busy- ness of our day will rob this time. A dentist appointment, and unexpected visitor…To be honest, I noticed that our days tend to go much more smoothly when we spend a few moments having “Bible” time. We make it fun, not too deep… (only what a 5 year old can handle) and focus on living our lives in a way that is pleasing unto the Lord.

There are some really awesome curriculum kits out there that can make your Bible time – easy and fun. One of my favorites is Positive Action for Christ… I have used several different levels of their curriculum… I just adjust it for whatever grade I am teaching.

The Explorer’s Bible Study is also a great Bible curriculum for children’s  individual study. Great if you don’t like “teaching.”

The What We Believe Series by Apologia Press also looks like a great curriculum. Haven’t tried this one… but I love Apologia’s other stuff!

Also BJU and ABEKA have great Bible curriculum… you can even get ABEKA’s on DVD… though the teachers may look a bit dated… they really are good teachers. My children learned a lot when we used the DVD series!

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  1. Thank you so much for reminding us all of the importance of including the Bible in our curriculum. We have used BJU and really enjoyed it. I look forward to trying some of your other suggestions. The days certainly do seem to go more smoothly when we include prayers and thanksgivings.


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