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    Homeschool Jo

    Yesterday, my youngest daughter was going poking around my dresser… I was getting ready to take two of my other daughters to the doctor… when she found the intestines piece of our human anatomy game. (Just don’t ask me why the intestines were on my dresser…) Anyway, she excitedly grabbed it up and held it in […]

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  • National Young Reader’s Week

    Did you know that this week is National Young Reader’s Week? It sure is- and it’s a great time to focus your homeschooling on your young readers. In honor of that – the Pizza Hut Book It program has been posting free books for your kiddos to read. Here is today’s Book IT story.

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  • Creating Your Own Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

    This year I decided I was tired of using the same old boxed curriculum. I know it works, but I had grown up with it, and I had taught it for 17 years. I needed a break. So, as my youngest became ready to start kindergarten I wanted to find something that was challenging yet […]

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  • Keeping Your Little Ones Engaged

    I must admit… my children are not calm. It is just a fact. From the time they are born they are ready to move, curious, inquisitive, and play rough. My girls enjoy playing baseball with their brother, and all six love to wrestle with daddy. What can I say? They have mountains of energy, and […]

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  • Preschool Tree Math


    I love finding ways to teach my children without being “teachy.” Sounds crazy, but it sure does make learning a bit more fun and a lot less “stuffy.” Here are a few ideas that use trees to teach math at the  preschool/kindergarten level. 1. Go for a walk and gather pinecones, acorns, leaves, or nuts. […]

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  • Teaching Preschool Science

    Teaching a preschooler is so much fun… well if you love wiggles, silly faces, and lots of questions! But it’s those questions that make it all worthwhile. The preschooler is a natural learner. They enjoy finding out what they can about their environment. Just think, in the few short years that they have been alive, […]

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  • Teaching Intuitiveness in Every Day Learning

    Are you thinking… ??  What?? I know it sounds off the wall, but what I really mean is that we must teach our children the meaning, and the usefulness of math, language, science, and history… while we are teaching them. Research has shown that education today is very disjointed. High school students can add, subtract, […]