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  • 7 Steps to Making Great Homeschool Writers

    I love the freshness that a new year brings! I love the feeling that I have a clean page… and can start anew. In review of what we had done in our homeschool last year I felt that we were really lacking in the area of creative writing. I felt that my kids needed a […]

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  • The Fear of Writing

    What are you afraid of the most? Some people have a paralyzing fear of writing… The dreaded blank page… the hand hovering over the first line on an empty sheet of paper… the fingers pausing above a keyboard before a blank computer screen… What is it about that first line that even the most published […]

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  • Learn Skills From Life

    Friends 2011 213

    Learn Teamwork from playing ball… Learn economics from starting an afterschool job/business… Learn geography through travel and exploring… Learn civics by getting involved in politics, a mock election, or watching a debate… Learn computer skills by writing a blog, taking courses online, and using word processors… Learn to write by writing letters, reports, and papers… […]

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  • Printing vs. Cursive Writing- What do you think?


    What method of writing are you teaching your children? The traditional method or a cursive only method? The traditional American way of teaching writing is to teach the beginning learner print and then switch over to a cursive style of writing when they reach third grade. Then there are those who feel like teaching two […]

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  • 5 Ways to Incorporate Elementary Composition


    Children are imaginative and creative by nature. This imagination and creativity are taken away as the child ages and if the child does not have to use his/her imagination. We should begin encouarging creative writing at a very early age, so that our children can get full benefit of their creativity. Children write about the […]

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  • Writing and the FEAR of the blank page…

    You know that feeling, the blank white page staring you in the face… and the blank mind that answers it with no inspiration.  Ugh…I feel it, you feel it, just think what a child feels when they are faced with the daunting task of having to fill a page with creative writing. The best way to […]