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  • 4 Reading Rules to Boost Literacy

      #1 Consistency There are several different approaches to reading instruction. Yet, the most widely accepted and proven method to teach reading is through phonetic instruction. Even within phonics instruction some teachers begin with letter sounds, and add vowel blends moving to the right… others learn by word families such as “hit”, “bit”, “sit”, “wit”, and […]

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  • Homeschool Peer Tutoring

    I know some of you are probably wondering what I mean. Peer tutoring can be a very beneficial way of keeping your children on task or even getting them caught up. Most of the time, homeschool peer tutoring is free. You know… older siblings helping the younger ones. Using peer tutoring is a great way […]

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  • Incorporating Christmas into Your Homeschool Lessons


    This time of year can turn a homeschool mom into a grump… or into a holiday cheer-meister. How can we turn the christmas chaos into homeschool “holiday whoo-be-whatty?” A great idea to achieve this is to introduce a holiday unit study to your homeschool young- ins. You don’t have to stop learning, or stop with […]

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  • Bustin’ Burnout Blues

    Yes, stay at home moms, working homeschool moms, and even homeschooling dads can face burnout. Is there a way to keep ourselves intact before we become a casualty? Sure there are great ways… stick around and we’ll talk about a few! 1)Delegating is a great way to find the help you need! If things are […]

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  • Teaching Preschool Science

    Teaching a preschooler is so much fun… well if you love wiggles, silly faces, and lots of questions! But it’s those questions that make it all worthwhile. The preschooler is a natural learner. They enjoy finding out what they can about their environment. Just think, in the few short years that they have been alive, […]

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  • Busy Moms Need TLC too!

    As a homeschooling mom, I used to put my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs at the bottom of the list each day. Yet, a few years ago I realized that if I didn’t give myself the attention I needed, I would be of no use to those I love anyway.   Once I realized this – I knew […]

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  • Classical Education and What’s Missing Today

    As a lover of history, I never cease to be amazed at how educated Americas’ founding fathers were. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington, the standard of education for anyone in leadership was simply far above what is standard today. These men were educated in advanced math (without calculators), science, history, logic, rhetoric, memorization ( […]

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  • Making Homeschooling Fun!

    Keep Homeschool Interesting

    Making Homeschooling Fun The challenges of homeschooling many children on a tight budget can easily bring me down. The days are never long enough, there is always something that we need, or that would make our adventures easier, and the kids are always ready to… PLAY! In my visions of homeschooling grandeur, I often thought […]

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  • Teaching Your Child How to Read – Part 3

    Baby Step 3 – Special Sounds, One Vowel and Two vowel rules, and 3 letter words By now your early learner is well on his or her way to reading. In fact, if they are anything like mine, they are already trying to jump ahead and read some. There may be some small words that […]

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  • The Push for Preschool

    For some reason in the last decade preschool has been pushed down every new parent’s throat. Mom’s ask each other, where does your son/daughter attend? It has become astonishingly… a status symbol. “Do you send your little ones to the Royal Princes Learning  Academy? Oh… they’re the best.” The way I view things, this is […]