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  • 8 Ways to Make Back to School Easy Peasy!

    Make Back to School Easy

    It’s always tough trying to find your routine. Every year when we start back to school, it’s always a little rocky for the first few weeks. But, since most of us are creatures of habit once those new things become habit everything goes a bit more smooth. Everyone has “their way” of doing things, and […]

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  • Taking the First Step

    momschool first step

    Making that Decision to Homeschool You’ve been thinking about this for a long time, right? I did too! Finally, I took that first – most difficult – step! Starting down the homeschooling path isn’t easy, but it is a decision that will bring results. For many, beginning to homeschool was a decision that was fueled […]

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  • Top 5 Tips for Busy Moms

    momschool top 5 (1)

    I don’t know about you, but I really love – “Top 5 Tips” about stuff. It’s like getting a mega dose of all the important things in one easy to read 3 minute sitting. So, in appreciation of all those wonderful “Top… tips” out there on the web – here’s mine. 1) Order your life […]

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  • The Power of Praise


    In my days as a private school administrator, I cannot guess how many times I heard parents tell me that their child was gifted and they thought… once enrolled, the child would simply need to be advanced a grade. It is funny, but most of those children were just good, healthy, “normal”, yet wonderful children. […]

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  • Great List of Amazing Homeschool Organization Resources

    Yes, one of my big hangups is definitely organization. I LOVE.LOVE to be organized and to have a clean house. Do I always get what I love? No. Way. With six kiddos I’m happy if I get clean and organized on occasion – or at least one or the other… some is better than nothing! […]

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  • Back to School – Five Tips for Making it Real!


    Yep, so here we go… back to school… In some ways, it is thoroughly refreshing, yet in others it’s like a huge heavy wave washing over me! (Ugh, washing – reminds me I have about 4 loads backed up as I write…) So, in reality that wave might be the huge landfill of clothing that […]

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  • Homeschool Curriculum… just the basics

    Choosing and using a homeschool curriculum can be more daunting than the actual decision to homeschool your child. Finding the right curriculum for you family’s needs and your individual children is absolutely necessary. Talking about it is easy… but actually getting there is the hard part. There are a few questions that you can ask […]

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  • Carnival of Homeschooling – Spring Refreshment Edition

    I don’t know if you are anything like me, but as a homeschooling mom of six… there are times that I just need a bit of refreshment. Schoolwork becomes overwhelming, housework becomes tedious, and patience runs thin… it is then that I know I need to get my “cup filled” back up. How can I […]

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  • Invite Good Counsel

    Ever feel alone in your homeschool adventure? Feel like you must be the only one making these mistakes? Do you battle with wondering if your children will make it in college? Does this sound familiar? Sure, most homeschool parent have the same worries. Yet, even though we worry about these things, or see other homeschool […]

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  • Bubble Science for Preschoolers


    Making bubbles uses a scientific process, and can be a simple way to introduce preschool children to scientific investigation and exploration. I love preschool science! 1)     Begin by making a bubble solution.  ¼ c liquid dish soap ½ c water 1 tsp sugar Ask the children questions about how the solution feels and how it looks. […]