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  • Getting Ready for the ACT / SAT test

    SAT & ACT

      UPDATE: The SAT and ACT are changing… this should be no surprise to any of us, but it should affect how we prepare our students for these tests. From what I understand the SAT will be dropping the writing component and introducing a new test in January of 2016. Which makes me wonder if […]

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  • Battling Test Anxiety

    Upset stomach, sweaty palms, shakiness, insomnia, feeling faint, stiff muscles, and… failure. These are the common symptoms of test anxiety. For reasons unknown to many, children across all cultures, sex, and age suffer from this issue. For some, these issues can be extremely detrimental – even resulting in failure. The difficult part of it all […]

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  • Making a Great Test

    Having pre-made tests are great, but that option isn’t always available. Homeschoolers, even though we need to be using alternative means of assessment… often have to make their own tests. It really isn’t a difficult thing to do, but there are a few things you should always keep in mind when designing your own test. […]

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  • Fair and Balanced Assessment


    For decades, people have debated if it was good to depend on paper pencil tests to determine a child’s achievement. The battle is still raging. In schools, they are caught between making the teacher accountable to actually teach, and measuring the student’s progress. Their solution has been to rely on high stakes testing to determine […]

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  • Preparing for the SAT

    Students all over the country get the opportunity to stress out over a single test during their eleventh and twelfth grade years. Most of the time, they don’t even start preparing for the test until a couple of weeks prior to the test date. As a tutor, I see this time and time again. They […]