Homeschool Scheduling… routine or rut?

For many people  – including homeschool families – these words have the same meaning – a dull, dreary, and repetitive behavior. Yet, a routine is anything but dreary. In fact, routines can be life savers! Could you imagine how many decisions you would need to make during the course of a homeschooling day without some type of routine? The routine that you do each day saves you from a myriad of decisions, and ultimately saves you time!

The same applies for homeschooling. We each define homeschooling success differently, but most would agree that engaging learning must be accomplished. If we have an established routine, or framework for our day, then we can simply fill in the blanks with the specific items for that day. This routine doesn’t have to become a rut if you vary what happens in those “blanks.” For example, if your children wake up, dress, clean their room, eat breakfast, and then read for 30 minutes every morning, that’s just your routine or framework for your day. What separates the routine from the rut is what you do with the rest of your time. Creatively planning engaging lessons and varying your studies keeps it interesting and keeps your homeschool schedule from spinning its wheels into a rut!

How do You Define “Homeschool Success?”

For every family, that answer will be different. What do you want for your family?Start with  the big picture of what you want from homeschooling, and then work back from yearly goals, subject goals, to daily goals. If you desire to be a success, you m ust know what that success looks like. Make sure your goals are clear and easily understood. If everyone, parents and children, understand these goals then each person will clearly be able to aim for success.

Here are a few things that have come to be our personal goals.

#1 – Big Picture Goal

To nurture a love for God and to train and prepare my children with abilities to do whatever God may call them to do.

With this goal in mind, I have several sub-goals that guide each year of our homeschooling.

1. I want to provide a good foundation for my children in the core subjects such as math, language arts, science, history, and foreign language. I also want them prepared to go to any college.

2. I want to foster in my children a desire to learn and be a “lifelong” learner.

3. I want to instill in them a confidence to reach for their dreams, and to pursue whatever God puts on their hearts.

4.  I want to bring out my children’s strengths and encourage them to use these strengths to serve the Lord.

My subject goals typically correspond with each of these major goals. At the end of the day, if they have made progress toward their subject goals for the week/month/year… then I feel as if we have succeeded. Of course, your goals may differ greatly from mine, and that is to be expected. Every parent will have  a different set of goals for their home.  Yet, the big purpose of parenting and rearing children is to help them find and fulfill their God given purpose in life.