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  • Is Stress Contagious?

    Is Stress Contagious?

    It’s common at our house that when one of us gets a bit irritated the rest of us get snippy just for company. So, I’ve been reading alot lately on stress. What causes it and how it can affect not only ourselves but those around us. Interesting facts surround the classroom (which translates into my […]

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  • How not to Lose Your Focus in Life’s Chaos!


      Life can be crazy. Chaos happens. But, it doesn’t have to get your home school off track. With our family of 8 we’ve been through this many times. Sickness, moving, or life events can all cause a serious disruption of home school life. Yet, it doesn’t have to blur our focus from what’s important. […]

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  • Tips for Keeping Burn out at bay…

    “Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you.” I Peter 5:7 I know homeschooling isn’t the easiest job I’ve ever done. Though it is very rewarding, it requires so much of me… personally, physically, emotionally, etc. Sometimes, I need to just step back and review what I’m doing and how my life […]

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  • Expectations…

    When I began this journey of homeschooling, I thought I had to have everything perfect. I have that tendency anyway, but since I had been a teacher for many years… I thought my homeschool had to operate like a classroom. My expectations of our day ran along the lines of a June Cleaver crossed with […]