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  • Review of Science4Us and Time4Learning


    We’ve been homeschooling for (what seems like) a million years. LOL! Not really, but it’s been over 11. All of those years have been homeschooling 5 or more kiddos at once. If any of you are in that same boat, you know that it isn’t easy to get it all done without working smarter!  One […]

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  • Simple Tips for Teaching Homeschool Science

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    I love teaching my children science, especially when we do it right. It can be the most exciting part of  our day! You see, that’s the key – science is simply a study of life and the things around us. You can’t simply do science out of textbook and be done with it! There is […]

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  • Bubble Science for Preschoolers


    Making bubbles uses a scientific process, and can be a simple way to introduce preschool children to scientific investigation and exploration. I love preschool science! 1)     Begin by making a bubble solution.  ¼ c liquid dish soap ½ c water 1 tsp sugar Ask the children questions about how the solution feels and how it looks. […]

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  • How Can I Teach High School?

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    Alot of parents shy away from teaching the high school courses because they see no viable way that they could personal do the job. Yet, with all of the great resources at the homeschoolers fingertips, there are alternatives everywhere. Here are a few tips on finding the right resources for your high school students. Use […]

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  • Teaching Science part 2


    The study of science is not a subject to be taken sitting down. Science should be approached with activity and a mind to discover. Children are amazing and can learn vast amounts of information, yet it needs to be obtained in kid and science friendly ways. 1) Science must be hands on and discovery based. […]

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  • Teaching Elementary Science part 1

    Sure, there are lots of great ready made science curriculums that you can purchase. They make homeschooling easier, and they provide a knowledge base for parents who aren’t skilled in science. Yet, is that really a good thorough study of science? B.K. Hixson syas, “Good science education is always discovered and never force fed.” Learning science […]

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  • Creation Science…

    Have you seen the new full scale – sailable – ark that Johan Huibers (Netherlands) built? It is a full size replica of the biblical ark. It is pretty amazing and Mr. Huibers goal was to get people to realize that the Bible’s account of the flood was not just a story… but a retelling […]