Homeschool Scheduling… routine or rut?

For many people  – including homeschool families – these words have the same meaning – a dull, dreary, and repetitive behavior. Yet, a routine is anything but dreary. In fact, routines can be life savers! Could you imagine how many decisions you would need to make during the course of a homeschooling day without some type of routine? The routine that you do each day saves you from a myriad of decisions, and ultimately saves you time!

The same applies for homeschooling. We each define homeschooling success differently, but most would agree that engaging learning must be accomplished. If we have an established routine, or framework for our day, then we can simply fill in the blanks with the specific items for that day. This routine doesn’t have to become a rut if you vary what happens in those “blanks.” For example, if your children wake up, dress, clean their room, eat breakfast, and then read for 30 minutes every morning, that’s just your routine or framework for your day. What separates the routine from the rut is what you do with the rest of your time. Creatively planning engaging lessons and varying your studies keeps it interesting and keeps your homeschool schedule from spinning its wheels into a rut!

Keeping homeschooling interesting

Maybe I just bore easily… but I love change! I love change in my life, in my home, and definitely in my homeschool! Don’t you just feel great when you change around your living room furniture? I sure do – it’s like its all new… well, couldn’t the same apply to your homeschool? I think so!

When you feel like you’re getting into a rut with homeschooling, throw the kids a curve ball. Keeping them guessing keeps the interest up. Are you already getting bored with the new school schedule? We have been schooling for over a month now, and yes there are days when it already gets a bit boring. When you’re feeling that is the case, think of something “out of the box.” To really switch things up. Go outside and apply what you are learning in science, or watch a really cool video about what you are learning in history. Just a little deviation from the norm can make things feel fresh again!

Don’t feel stuck… that’s one of the faux pas of new homeschoolers. They often feel bound by traditional school thinking to follow the schedule day in and day out. Don’t! You are no longer bound by tradition… you have been set free… you are a homeschooler. Shake it up, twist it around, make homeschooling fit your needs. You’ll be amazed at how much better they learn and how much more they will retain when the education they receive meets their individual needs!

Help I’m Drowning…Friday

Homeschoolers across the country will agree that even with the best laid plans, there are days that you just can’t do it all and sometimes you just can’t get to any of it. This week has been that way for us. We had a funeral and then a day of counseling to follow. Two very disrupted days don’t bode well for a schedule. In times like these… you have got to “just go with it!”