• Home Education
  • My Homeschool Game Plan in 5!

    So, it’s officially “Back to Homeschool!”  And, we’ve been having a great time – how about you? We have really swapped things up this year, and have tried a totally new combination. It’s been working great, but we are definitely taking some time to get into new habits. So, in a nutshell here’s our Fall 2016. 10th […]

  • Curriculum
  • Making Homeschool Work Days Fly…

    Homeschooling isn’t easy… No, it isn’t… but there are things that we can do as homeschool moms to make it run alot smoother. One issue that my 4 youngest seem to always have is that of staying focused! They are easily distracted and quickly get off task. I had been searching for ways to get […]

  • First Grade
  • Using Block Scheduling for Homeschool


    When I was going to college block scheduling was the “fad” way to schedule your teaching day. After 7 years of homeschooling, I really quite forgot about it until this year. I was reflecting on the pros and cons of our homeschool adventures from last year, and KNEW I needed to do something to help keep […]