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  • Am I qualified to teach my Children?

    momschool am i qualified

    Are you wanting to homeschool but just doubting if you have what it takes? Perhaps you’re worried because you didn’t do so well in school yourself. Teaching is not an exacting science. In fact, the best teachers are the ones with a heart to teach. Research has clearly shown that there is no direct correlation […]

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  • Competition – Healthy or Harmful?

    Most of us are probably wondering the same thing… where does the idea of competition come from? and is it healthy for our children? Competition is definitely not a contemporary idea. In fact, the downplay of competition in schools across America is rising. Many educators believe that competition is harmful and damaging to the young […]

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  • Great List of Amazing Homeschool Organization Resources

    Yes, one of my big hangups is definitely organization. I LOVE.LOVE to be organized and to have a clean house. Do I always get what I love? No. Way. With six kiddos I’m happy if I get clean and organized on occasion – or at least one or the other… some is better than nothing! […]

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  • Tip of the Week: Writing Homeschool Lesson Plans

    Don’t you just love freebies? I sure do – that’s why I’m offering a freebie for each of you this week. In addition to an article about writing lesson plans, I thought I’d throw in a lesson plan template. There’s nothing more fun than being able to do a somewhat tedious task on a beautiful […]

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  • Back to School – Five Tips for Making it Real!


    Yep, so here we go… back to school… In some ways, it is thoroughly refreshing, yet in others it’s like a huge heavy wave washing over me! (Ugh, washing – reminds me I have about 4 loads backed up as I write…) So, in reality that wave might be the huge landfill of clothing that […]

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  • What are your kids missing?

    Peer pressure…Stress…Bullying…Potty mouths…Hourly schedule…Drugs… Homeschoolers are missing a few things… but they are things that we certainly are broken hearted over! In fact, homeschool children have the opportunity to take their time during the day. Instead of being rushed from one class to the next, the homeschooler has the opportunity to study, and even day […]

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  • 4 Reading Rules to Boost Literacy

      #1 Consistency There are several different approaches to reading instruction. Yet, the most widely accepted and proven method to teach reading is through phonetic instruction. Even within phonics instruction some teachers begin with letter sounds, and add vowel blends moving to the right… others learn by word families such as “hit”, “bit”, “sit”, “wit”, and […]

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  • Homeschool Peer Tutoring

    I know some of you are probably wondering what I mean. Peer tutoring can be a very beneficial way of keeping your children on task or even getting them caught up. Most of the time, homeschool peer tutoring is free. You know… older siblings helping the younger ones. Using peer tutoring is a great way […]

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  • Teaching Elementary Science part 1

    Sure, there are lots of great ready made science curriculums that you can purchase. They make homeschooling easier, and they provide a knowledge base for parents who aren’t skilled in science. Yet, is that really a good thorough study of science? B.K. Hixson syas, “Good science education is always discovered and never force fed.” Learning science […]

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  • Carnival of Homeschooling


    Have you ever noticed how thankfulness is waning in our culture? From t-shirts to sit-coms the prevailing attitude is “me first.”  I hope during this Giving Thanks holiday… that we can each find gratefulness and thanksgiving in our hearts. I for one am very thankful for all the great submissions I received this week. Take […]