Creating Your Own Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

This year I decided I was tired of using the same old boxed curriculum. I know it works, but I had grown up with it, and I had taught it for 17 years. I needed a break. So, as my youngest became ready to start kindergarten I wanted to find something that was challenging yet different. Yet, I wasn’t able to find ONE curriculum that met my standards. So, I put together a collection of my own.

Here are a few of my ideas… some of them are a work in progress!

Math – I used a text I found on Complete Curriculum. I purchased this membership when it first went viral for $4.95! I believe it is $20 now, but you get 10 text downloads for that price. She also does a few days of Time4Learning.

Language Arts – I found two HUGE workbooks from Brain Quest. I also used several smaller workbooks( I found those for $1 each) that simply have work pages on each letter of the alphabet. We review and do pages on the same letter of the alphabet for several days to make sure that she completely understands each letter and its sound. She does several lessons each week in Time4Learning as well.

Science – She is with the other children (ages 8,11, and 11). We use Apologia and are studying Botany this year. We use the notebooking technique, and she is LOVING making a collection of what we study!

History – She also is with my older children, and we are using the Time Travelers History series. We have lots of projects, which she enjoys doing with us.

Handwriting – I am using some great handwriting worksheets from Spelling City.

We also bought several new puzzles and educational games (she had done ours till she had them memorized). With all of these options- each day can be different and exciting. I also try to break up the various study times with activities or outdoor field trips for science. Keeping her moving helps keep her excited and ready to learn!


The Push for Preschool

For some reason in the last decade preschool has been pushed down every new parent’s throat. Mom’s ask each other, where does your son/daughter attend? It has become astonishingly… a status symbol. “Do you send your little ones to the Royal Princes Learning  Academy? Oh… they’re the best.” The way I view things, this is almost a crime.

The preschooler is being tossed about, sent to places that most of the time don’t really teach them anything except for how to argue, fight, and bite their peers. The parents are needing childcare because they are working, and truly a child who really still needs to be at home playing and enjoying the freedom of staying at home… is then pushed into a busy schedule.

Preschoolers learn the most from play, and they benefit from a relaxed schedule. There is no need to push them to start school early. Children learn when they are ready, and many times preschoolers are pushed to learn or write prior to readiness. In these early years, they learn much from their parents how to be kind, how to color, respect, and even please and thank you. Remember those days? When parents taught their little ones to be polite and say please and thank you?

The pressure is on to get our little ones into school earlier… but it isn’t necessary. There are times when instead of giving our little ones the head start they need, it causes them to get frustrated and burnt out with learning before they even get started. Be patient, teach your preschooler what they are ready to learn whether it’s homeschool science or just reading. If you are wanting to start teaching them numbers or letters, do it while they are playing – use life experience to teach. Count their baby dolls, or sing the alphabet song while you play. Make it simple, fun and stress free!