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  • Homeschool History How-to

    History is definitely one of those subjects that I love to teach. In fact, we love it so much in our homeschool that we usually do a family trip around what we study for history. I believe history is a subject that shows forth the amazing grace of God throughout the ages. To me history […]

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  • Transform Homeschool History from Dusty to Awesome…


    Yes, we’ve struggled with history time being a boring subject that the kids asked to skip every day. I love history, and that really drove me crazy. Last year,  I finally sat down and made it a point to find a  curriculum and method that would change that way of thinking. First, I realized that […]

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  • Using the World As Your Classroom


    Taking advantage of the world around us is not something new for homeschoolers. We use our backyards for nature studies and our kitchens as science labs. How about our travels as history lessons? Sure, the best way to learn history is to live or re-enact it. This past week we spent several days reliving what […]

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  • It’s a piece of History…

    Homeschooling history can be either exciting or the most boring subject you’ve ever studied. Making it exciting is so simple when you find a great curriculum. We have used the Time Travelers curriculum off and on over the years, and since I found one that we hadn’t used on our shelf… we are using it […]