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  • What are your kids missing?

    Peer pressure…Stress…Bullying…Potty mouths…Hourly schedule…Drugs… Homeschoolers are missing a few things… but they are things that we certainly are broken hearted over! In fact, homeschool children have the opportunity to take their time during the day. Instead of being rushed from one class to the next, the homeschooler has the opportunity to study, and even day […]

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  • Making a Great Test

    Having pre-made tests are great, but that option isn’t always available. Homeschoolers, even though we need to be using alternative means of assessment… often have to make their own tests. It really isn’t a difficult thing to do, but there are a few things you should always keep in mind when designing your own test. […]

  • Home Education
  • Mastery Learning and the Homeschool

    The typical school format really does not provide for any type of mastery learning. However, the best way to educate is through mastery learning. In fact, the big picture of your child’s education should be a plan that includes both elementary and high school learning. In the elementary years, we should be educating our children […]

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  • Play Ball!

    Have you ever noticed how intently kids will invest time and effort into fine tuning skills that have to do with sports? It seems that they willingly practice and invest extra time and effort into making themselves better. Why don’t they respond this way to school work and learning? I am sure some of this comes […]

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  • Teaching Intuitiveness in Every Day Learning

    Are you thinking… ??  What?? I know it sounds off the wall, but what I really mean is that we must teach our children the meaning, and the usefulness of math, language, science, and history… while we are teaching them. Research has shown that education today is very disjointed. High school students can add, subtract, […]

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  • Education that Reflects the Future

    The face of education today is changing. Though much of the subect matter remains the same through the centuries, there are aspects that change, that must change. Some of those aspects include things like technology. As homeschooling families, teaching our children should be an effort in including those things that historically have been taught, yet […]

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  • Teaching Your Child How to Read – Part 2

    Teaching Your Child to Read!Part 2

    Vowels and consonants and blends In the first edition of our series on how to teach children how to read, we discussed the beginning steps of phonemic awareness. Many homeschooling moms are terrified of teaching their children to read, but taking one baby step at a time will naturally bring your child to the place […]

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  • Help I’m Drowning…Friday

    Homeschoolers across the country will agree that even with the best laid plans, there are days that you just can’t do it all and sometimes you just can’t get to any of it. This week has been that way for us. We had a funeral and then a day of counseling to follow. Two very disrupted […]