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  • Finding Your Best Fit Curriculum Now!

    momschool best fit curriculum

    Yeah, it’s August. For real… and time for those dreaded words… Back. To. School. (or home school – LOL!) If you haven’t already, you may be on the hunt for the perfect curriculum for your home school. Sometimes I’ve already found it by now and I’m planning away my year. Other times (like this year) […]

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  • What is Your Favorite Method of Homeschooling?

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  • Homeschool Curriculum… just the basics

    Choosing and using a homeschool curriculum can be more daunting than the actual decision to homeschool your child. Finding the right curriculum for you family’s needs and your individual children is absolutely necessary. Talking about it is easy… but actually getting there is the hard part. There are a few questions that you can ask […]

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  • Mastery Learning and the Homeschool

    The typical school format really does not provide for any type of mastery learning. However, the best way to educate is through mastery learning. In fact, the big picture of your child’s education should be a plan that includes both elementary and high school learning. In the elementary years, we should be educating our children […]

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  • It’s a piece of History…

    Homeschooling history can be either exciting or the most boring subject you’ve ever studied. Making it exciting is so simple when you find a great curriculum. We have used the Time Travelers curriculum off and on over the years, and since I found one that we hadn’t used on our shelf… we are using it […]

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  • My Top 5 Homeschooling Resources

    TOP 5

    Ok… my addiction is beginning to show. I love – I mean really love “Top Lists.” I especially love to read them. They are concise nuggets of knowledge. mmmm… almost like an m&m. Well, maybe not quite. 🙂 Over the past several years, I have used quite a few different curriculum resources. Some of them […]

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  • Fun Homeschooling Science


    Lapbooking fun… We have been using the Apologia Science Curriculum for four years now, and we love it! It is engaging and fun, and is just perfect for homeschooling families with more than one grade level in their science class. Yet, for all of those four years, we have “notebooked” their lessons.