Homeschool Curriculum… just the basics

Choosing and using a homeschool curriculum can be more daunting than the actual decision to homeschool your child. Finding the right curriculum for you family’s needs and your individual children is absolutely necessary. Talking about it is easy… but actually getting there is the hard part.

There are a few questions that you can ask yourself to help you discover the perfect curriculum:

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Carnival of Homeschooling

Have you ever noticed how thankfulness is waning in our culture? From t-shirts to sit-coms the prevailing attitude is “me first.”  I hope during this Giving Thanks holiday… that we can each find gratefulness and thanksgiving in our hearts. I for one am very thankful for all the great submissions I received this week. Take time to read through them, there is a lot of great stuff here… and it might even inspire a bit of thankfulness for that great endeavor we each have in common… homeschooling!

Let’s start off this carnival with a bang while Read Aloud Dad shares with us The Explosive Power of Reading Aloud.

Are you thankful for your family? I am so thankful for mine… with six children of my own, I appreciated this next submission.

Barb @ barbarafrankonline asks why people have such issues with large families in Fertility: The Greatest Crime?

A great way to really get your children to see others and other people’s needs is to get them involved in their community; here is a great submission along those lines.

Laura @ Lauragraceweldon encourages us to involve our children in the community with Bringing Kids Back to the Commons.

Be thankful for every minute… of every day…

Time Value is presented by Sage Parnassus… something we should be thankful for and cherish more dearly than we do.

Pamela helps us be thankful that there is More Than One Way to go through life at Blah, Blah, Blog.

Dave @ Home School Dad reminds us to listen to encouraging words in Puppy Uppers.

Great education starts with great ideas… here are a few to help put some oomph in your homeschooling.

Learn how to use The Illuminated Manuscript to teach children cursive writing with help from Allia at Homeschool HappyMess.

Home Spun Juggling points out in Spelling is Correct that only homeschoolers spell it “homeschooling.”

How about a “twist” on an oldie but goodie science experiment… Mary tells us about it in Science Fair – Tornado alley at Winecup Christian Academy.

Here’s something to be thankful for… What to do with a kid who loves math? This is posted by Alicia at Daily Creativity.

Carol lets us have a peek at how to Study Physics with Skyrail from Everything Home with Carol.

Kathi shares her story about how learning can take place in very “out of the box” ways. Check out Food Allergies, Robots, and Sick Kids over at Homeschool Online.

In Tangents and more Annette tells us how thankful she is for the freedom to “go on a tangent” while homeschooling at A Net in Time.

Margot reminds us that we can learn all the time in DOCTOR KABOOM from Learning beyond the Book.

Ann gives us a peek at the Black Capped Chickadee over at Harvest Moon by Hand.

You can get a glimpse of how to implement the Charlotte Mason method in How We Implemented the Charlotte Mason Method over at Olive Plants around My Table.

Annie Kate shares her story of “early to bed early to rise” effectiveness with Get Going Early in the Morning at Tea Time with Annie Kate.

Amy @ Our Homeschooling Resources Introduces the Concept of Rhyme in homeschooling.

Mama Squirrel presents a cool math hands on experiment In which the chambered nautilus flunks the test (a math lesson for Crayons) posted at Dewey’s Tree house.

Chris helps us see that we are educating our children from the day they are born in When to Start Homeschooling over at Home school vs. Public School.

Leah helps us see another great way to have Bible Review Time at The Faugh Family of Four.

Ever wonder what it’s like to feed bovines? Check out Lisa’s post Work LOVE over at Golden Grasses.

Kelly tells us about her Box of Goodies:Loving and Learning from Our Nature Exchange over at The Homeschool Co-op.

Have you noticed Our Kids Are Using More Digital Devices for Longer than Ever? Check out this informational post from K5 Learning.

Angela shows us how thankful we can be for kids learning through experience in Play Dough- Team Gray at her blog Team Gray.

Want a glimpse into a homeschooling family’s daily life? Check out North Laurel Home and School in their post Week Before Thanksgiving -Week #16.

Linda gives us an incredible story that will definitely cause us to be thankful that we homeschool on why You Should say Yes if Your Child Asks to be Homeschooled on her blog Parent at the Helm.

I just want to say, I am so thankful for all of the great articles that came in. I enjoyed reading through each one, and I hope that you did too!

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!

Making Homeschooling Fun!

Making Homeschooling Fun

The challenges of homeschooling many children on a tight budget can easily bring me down. The days are never long enough, there is always something that we need, or that would make our adventures easier, and the kids are always ready to… PLAY! In my visions of homeschooling grandeur, I often thought my children would be self motivated learners. My hopes included them waking up every morning ready for me to impart knowledge to them- with books in hand – eagerly waiting for me in our schoolroom…I soon realized this was just a dream( I’m still holding out – maybe one dayJ). Seriously, the real world that we live in involves ME keeping the kids motivated and excited about learning. Often this motivation comes at a high price. I have found that there are certain types of curriculum that inherently keep the kids more interested. I have also found that if I add things to our routine that they “love” to do… it gets them into it. It isn’t easy, but take some time to find out just what your child likes to do. Figure out a way to apply that desire, passion, or hobby into education and add it to your homeschooling curriculum… your child will love it and you may be surprised that they actually want to do school… at least on THAT day! J

Encouragement for a Mother’s Heart

Is the noise of children drowning out your thoughts this morning. Are you finding it difficult to get through your homeschooling today without pulling out your hair? Is your heart heavy over burdens and cares that face you?

Dealing with wiggly energetic children when you’re concerned about something else is so difficult. The pressures that push and pull on mothers often rob all patience. Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way.

True, it is never easy to be patient with young ones when stress is sitting on our back. The problem is that we are carrying the stress around at all. The Bible clearly tells us in I Pt 5:17 that we can “cast all your care upon Him; for He careth for you” God created us and this world don’t you think He can handle the situation you are facing today. I love the verse that asks us if we can add an inch to our stature by trying or worrying over it. It is impossible! We are simply frail humans, we don’t have the ability to overrule the problems of this world. we are helpless. Yet, there is one greater that does rule over every situation. One who can restore your patience in the middle of chaos.

If your heart is overwhelmed today, take a moment to step back. When I need quiet I find my closet. (I know if I hide in there, I just might get a couple of minutes of quiet!) Just take a few minutes to tell God about your heartache, and ask them to carry the burden that’s too great for you.

If you don’t have a personal relationship with Christ, He has made it possible for you to rest in Him. The Bible tells us, that all have sinned. It’s easy to see that today; sin abounds on every hand. The problem is that sin separates us from God, and carries a penalty… death. Romans 6:23, “The wages of sin is death…”, but we have hope. Jesus paid that “wage” for us by sacrificing His perfect sinless self for us. If we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ the wage of sin in our lives is covered or “paid” by Him. We become His, He cares for us… and we become a new creature. One that can rest in Him even when the mountains seem too high, the wiggly children too much, and the school work too difficult!