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  • Tips for Graduating your High Schooler

    I have had some requests for tips on how to graduate a high school student who is ready to go to college… to be honest, I was scared to death the past several years as we were homeschooling high school. I kept hoping that I was doing enough and helping her enough to make sure […]

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  • Book Review: High School Prep Genius

    High School Prep Genius an Academic Guide to Excellence by Jean and Judah Burk is a beneficial tool for any parent with a  student entering high school. In fact, this book really took me by surprise! I was blown away by how MUCH material was here.  Each chapter is full of amazing content and tools […]

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  • Two FREE resources for Planning Your Homeschool High School

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    I think I’ve mentioned that my favorite time of the year is summer… maybe… at least 100 times. I love the time to rebuild myself, but I also love planning my next year’s homeschool. Ever since I can remember, I have loved playing school. As a child when other kids wanted toys, I wanted notebooks […]

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  • It’s so scary… Preparing for college

    homeschool high school

    I have to admit, as I am trying to help my oldest daughter prepare for college…I’m scared. I worry that what I’ve taught her over the years in ourhomeschool, just might not be enough. I also worry that I am missing a vital step somewhere. I’m sure it might all be because she is the […]

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  • What do you fear the most???


      For a homeschooling parent… that just might be high school subjects!! I have often hear how many homeschoolers are terrified of just not being able to teach their high schoolers the advanced courses that they need. Really, there is no need to fret. The advanced courses that our homeschooling high schoolers need to take […]