What do you fear the most???

For a homeschooling parent… that just might be high school subjects!! I have often hear how many homeschoolers are terrified of just not being able to teach their high schoolers the advanced courses that they need.

Really, there is no need to fret. The advanced courses that our homeschooling high schoolers need to take are right at our fingertips. If you have access to the internet you can offer your children high quality courses online. If you don’t have good internet access you can always use other high quality – independent study courses, tutors, or even homeschool co-op courses. There really is a viable way to educate our highschoolers at home without cutting corners.  Just take a minute to check out all the great course offerings available online – and even through distance education.

How Can I Teach High School?

Alot of parents shy away from teaching the high school courses because they see no viable way that they could personal do the job. Yet, with all of the great resources at the homeschoolers fingertips, there are alternatives everywhere. Here are a few tips on finding the right resources for your high school students.

  1. Use tutors or mentors – Just because you are dedicated to homeschooling doesn’t mean that you can’t appoint someone else to teach a one or two courses.
  2. Use online courses – this is a growing option. The variety is almost endless… great subject choices for this would be English courses with online tutors, science courses, a few math courses. You can even enroll in college level courses that would count for your child’s high school courses, but at the same time count toward college credit.
  3. Software courses – Rosetta stone is an awesome example of this. They are one of the best methods for learning a foreign language that I have found.  Also, software based school courses such as Switched on Schoolhouse are great for those courses that mom or dad just dosen’t feel comfortable with.
  4. Use video courses. Most homeschoolers say that an entire day of video school is just over the top… but a few courses on video can be great. Each child’s ability will vary, but you can find high quality video lessons at ABEKA.com.

Here is just a general list of some online and mail correspondence course schools