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  • Christmas Break Boredom Busters


    Yes, it’s that time… all of the busy -ness of Christmas is nearing an end. The presents have been wrapped and are under the tree… and the kids are on Christmas break. Even for homeschoolers, that spells “boredom.” My kids are already beginning to complain of that diabolical disease. It drives me crazy. Just a […]

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  • How Can I Compete with Santa? How to Get Reading in Your Homeschool!

    Really?  How in the world can I compete with Santa, the Grinch, Christmas Carols, Christmas presents, Christmas programs, and Christmas movies… it’s nearly impossible! Everywhere we look Christmas is here… and truthfully…the fact that “It’s Beginning to Look alot Like Christmas…” really isn’t my problem.  It’s the fact that I have to get and keep […]