Tips for Keeping Burn out at bay…

homeschool stress“Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you.” I Peter 5:7

I know homeschooling isn’t the easiest job I’ve ever done. Though it is very rewarding, it requires so much of me… personally, physically, emotionally, etc. Sometimes, I need to just step back and review what I’m doing and how my life is going. If I don’t… well, let’s just say I feel like I’m holding my breath!

Here are a few things that I do on a regular basis to keep myself sane, and to keep the stress at bay… (You can find more along these lines at Time4Learning)

1) Make time for the important things in your life… your family, God, your spouse. Don’t just mark off a time slot in your busy schedule, slow down, take a walk, play a game, do something completely relaxing and enjoyable and TALK with those your love! Seriously… take time to smell the roses! Don’t just rush through your day, live in every moment.

2) Don’t allow the small pesky things that will tend to keep us crazy busy… to build up. Say “no” to things that aren’t all that important… (just don’t forget to return the 40 library items that you checked out last month… or you might have a $30 bill!)

3) Adjust your educational goals if they are just not doable for the time being… (You won’t believe how freeing this can be. If you have set goals and are not able to make them, an automatic level of stress accompanies this. Formally change your goals. Write it down if you need to. You won’t believe how big of a difference it makes!) Make a no stress plan for your life.

4) Take a moment to just enjoy life… take a warm bath… sip a cup of cappuccino… light some candles…paint your toenails a wild shade of purple…take a bike ride and enjoy that sunset… do something completely relaxing! Enjoy the blessing of life!

Stressed out… or Burnt Out?

It’s so easy to get burnout in any area of our lives that causes us continual stress. Homeschooling is an extremely high stress endeavor, so it can be an area of our lives that could cause burnout. Burnout is typically defined by a mental or emotional fatigue caused by prolonged stress. It typically drains your energy and leaves you feeling helpless and tired. Here are a few things to look for…

1) Everything you do feels useless

2) You think nothing you do is important or appreciated.

3) You are tired all the time.

4)The tasks you do each day seem monotonous and dull.

If your having difficulty determining if you’re just stressed or burnout… here is an easy way to tell. Stress is like drowning, and burnout is like being dried up!

Burnout will carry over into every part of your life… and can lead to depression and other serious issues. If you feel that you are burnout, you need to begin adjusting things in your life.

1) Start by recognizing the issues that you are having.

2) Try to change the things in your life that are causing intense prolonged stress, or avoid them.

3) Take care of your physical and emotional health by taking a break from stressful activities or finding positive ways to manage your stress. Prolonged stress is what causes burnout.