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  • Helpful Tips for Beginning to Homeschool Mid-Year

    Tree Math

    I’m assuming that you are thinking about homeschooling… maybe you’ve been discouraged with your children’s education for a long time… maybe you’ve just realized that things aren’t working. In any case… January is just as good a time to start as any!! …and from what I understand you can start homeschooling whenever you choose in […]

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  • Why Do I Homeschool?

    When we first began this homeschooling journey over 15 years ago, there were alot of people who were unhappy with our choice. As a family completely involved in a private school (principal and a teacher) to pull our children and bring them home was huge, even our pastor gave us a little grief. Fast forward […]

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  • National Young Reader’s Week

    Did you know that this week is National Young Reader’s Week? It sure is- and it’s a great time to focus your homeschooling on your young readers. In honor of that – the Pizza Hut Book It program has been posting free books for your kiddos to read. Here is today’s Book IT story.

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    According to a study by the NCES in 2008, homeschooling has been growing about 8% each year during the last 4 years. This study left out a few important homeschooling groups when calculating the total number of homeschoolers in the U.S. If we take into consideration these other groups such as homeschoolers enrolled in pulic […]