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  • My Homeschool Game Plan in 5!

    So, it’s officially “Back to Homeschool!”  And, we’ve been having a great time – how about you? We have really swapped things up this year, and have tried a totally new combination. It’s been working great, but we are definitely taking some time to get into new habits. So, in a nutshell here’s our Fall 2016. 10th […]

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  • Back to School – Five Tips for Making it Real!


    Yep, so here we go… back to school… In some ways, it is thoroughly refreshing, yet in others it’s like a huge heavy wave washing over me! (Ugh, washing – reminds me I have about 4 loads backed up as I write…) So, in reality that wave might be the huge landfill of clothing that […]

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  • Is it back to school time already?

    momsch plain (1)

    It is so hard to believe that it is the end of August already. My how summer flew by! I don’t know about you, but I am definitely one homeschooling mom who enjoys a summer off! I really need that time of not having to stay on top of all the responsibilities that go in […]