Stressed out… or Burnt Out?

stressed out


stressed outIt’s so easy to get burnout in any area of our lives that causes us continual stress. Homeschooling is an extremely high stress endeavor, so it can be an area of our lives that could cause burnout. Burnout is typically defined by a mental or emotional fatigue caused by prolonged stress. It typically drains your energy and leaves you feeling helpless and tired. Here are a few things to look for…

1) Everything you do feels useless

2) You think nothing you do is important or appreciated.

3) You are tired all the time.

4)The tasks you do each day seem monotonous and dull.

If your having difficulty determining if you’re just stressed or burnout… here is an easy way to tell. Stress is like drowning, and burnout is like being dried up!

Burnout will carry over into every part of your life… and can lead to depression and other serious issues. If you feel that you are burnout, you need to begin adjusting things in your life.

1) Start by recognizing the issues that you are having.

2) Try to change the things in your life that are causing intense prolonged stress, or avoid them.

3) Take care of your physical and emotional health by taking a break from stressful activities or finding positive ways to manage your stress. Prolonged stress is what causes burnout.

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