Simple Crafts for Kids


SIMPLE CRAFTSFORKIDSI don’t know about you, but I really hate to hear the “B” word. It’s a terrible word, full of despair and desperation. However, if used at our house… the consequences are many! So, if anyone decides they are truly bored, I’ll gladly and swiftly help them out of that situation. In order to have my arsenal of boredom busters stocked and ready to go… I love having a few fun and simple crafts that the kids can create and make all by themselves. Keeping children’s minds challenged through interesting books, games, and projects is always going to be a benefit!

Here’s a few simple ideas to try the next time you hear the “B” word at your house…

  • Make a simple dollhouse out of a cardboard box.
    • Using a medium sized box, cut off the depth of the box to about 5 inches, then paper or paint the bottom (this will actually be the back wall of the house). Here are some free wallpaper printables.
    • Out of your scrap cardboard fold the edges and glue them in as floor/room dividers.
    • Then out of construction paper make windows/doors or even print some kitchen cabinets.
    • Egg cartons cut apart make for great chairs and couches!
    • Here’s a great pinterest board with loads of dolls and furniture to print, color, and cut out!
  • Make simple train and boxcars out of boxesTrain from a cardboard box @ What I Live For
    • Using boxes of all different sizes, cover boxes in construction paper and decoration.
    • Add cardboard wheels with brads to roll.
    • Paint windows, doors, and other details.
    • You can make this life size train or small table top trains.


  • Make bangles and bracelets from toilet paper/paper towel tubesToilet Paper Roll Bracelet
    • simply cut the tube to the width you want your bracelet to be.
    • cover with ribbon, fabric, or foil and decorate with buttons or sequins
    • fabric glue works great or if kids are older – hot glue


  • Make a paper plate tambourine
  • 75 easy paper plate crafts for kids - complete with pictures.  Should you ever need kids crafts with paper plates this post is for you!: Grab a couple paper plates
    • Grab a handful of dried beans
    • Get a couple yards of scrap yarn from mom and a paper hole punch
    • Put the two plates together and punch holes equidistant around the edge of the plate
    • Place the beans in side and lace them together with the yarn and then decorate!
    • Head on over here for even more paper plate crafts!


  • Egg carton crafts
    • We all have egg cartons sitting around – use one to make a boat!
    • Cut apart the egg cups and put pipe cleaners through the center to make different kinds of flowers
    • Use the egg cups and pipe cleaners to make little cute monsters, fish, or pretend animals
    • Cut the entire egg container in half and cover with felt, add a ribbon shoulder strap and you have cute little pencil/notepad box.
    • Click here for more great egg carton ideas!
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