Review of Traces of Guilt by Dee Henderson


“Gabriel Thane is the sheriff and lifetime resident of Carin County Illinois, committed to upholding the law and keeping the residents safe. Lieutenant Evie Blackwell is a State Police Detective skilled at investigations.  She launches a new task force to reexamine unsolved crimes across the state.  She begins work with the sheriff’s department on a few of its most troubling missing-persons cases, a deputy, his wife and eleven-year old son’s disappearance, and in an unrelated case involving a six-year-old girl abducted from a hotel.   As she examines old evidence, she finds a connection to a third cold case.” ~a summary from CBD

My Review

This was an amazing “cold case” book that kept me riveted to the end. With my favorite setting – small town America – and a country yet intelligent Sheriff this story kept me fascinated until the end.

With Evie Blackwell as the main character, the story wove around her launching a task force into several unsolved crimes. She works together with the local sheriff’s department to find a riveting conclusion to a cold case. As she works through the lack of evidence in two unsolved cases she begins to see a third.

Dee Henderson is a master story teller. I read this book until I could hold it no longer. I would have kept reading it through the night if my eyes could have handled it! This book is considered a Christian Fiction and does include the main character’s faith and their challenging one another to live strong for Christ.

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