Review of Science4Us and Time4Learning


s4usnipWe’ve been homeschooling for (what seems like) a million years. LOL! Not really, but it’s been over 11. All of those years have been homeschooling 5 or more kiddos at once. If any of you are in that same boat, you know that it isn’t easy to get it all done without working smarter!  One of the ways I’ve been able to do this without losing my mind is to use the same curriculum for multiple grades. Of course, it’s even better when it’s an individualized program. That’s where we met Time4Learning. Over six years ago, I was looking for a tool to help me teach many levels at once. Basically, I was trying to streamline my schedule. That’s when I found T4L and started with a free trial at the beginning T4L really was all about Math and Language Arts. Social studies and Science were included but they weren’t all that “exciting” for the little people. Recently though, T4L has added Science4Us to their  membership. This works out great, because S4U is for K-2 and is very exciting and engaging. Let me share a few things that I’ve noticed.

  1. s4uhomeTime4Learning is incredible easy to use and very affordable. With an activity scheduler, automated reports, and great content it makes both me and my kids happy.
  2. Science4Us is a super exciting and fun science program that really wakes kids up to science. S4U, just like T4L, is super easy to use, allows parents to track student progress, and has fun and engaging lessons.
  3. Science4Us is seamlessly integrated into the T4L dashboard – at no extra cost to T4L members. Parents can choose to use it or not. If you choose to give your children access to S4U, you simply click on the icon on the home page to use it.
  4. Records are automatically kept for both S4U and T4L. All my hard record work is simplified into  – point, click, and print.
  5. My kids love doing science because of S4U… in fact, it’s so much fun they often think it’s a game.

If you are wondering if this might be a good fit for your child, you can try a free demo here.


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