Q and A about Online Homeschool

Is Online Homeschool for you?

Homeschooling is an exciting adventure, but is online homeschooling a good choice for you? It is sometimes difficult to tell until you try something if it will actually work for your homeschool or not. Online homeschooling is an option that has made homeschooling easier over the past several years. Typically, online homeschooling involves your student learning and studying online via either an online teacher or online software setup.

If I choose online homeschooling is that all I can use?

If you choose to school online, you can combine online homeschooling with other typical homeschool courses. Most online schooling allows you to pick and choose the subjects that you want to use online. In this way you can do each homeschool subject in a way that best benefits your students individual needs.

Is there a grade limit to how I use online homeschool?

There are an amazing amount of online homeschooling resources. A google search will supply you with more results than you could research in a day. Everything from regular academies that will charge you a monthly tuition and monitor your child’s achievement, to simple online software programs that allow you to manage your own child’s education. There are options in levels of instruction as far as how challenging the program is, to how many grades are offered within that online homeschooling resource.

How will I keep records using online homeschooling?

This is the easy part. Most of the time online homeschooling will automatically keep school records for you. Most of the online software is set up to grade and monitor achievement immediately. However, in cases where your online homeschool option uses real teachers the teachers will keep the grades and records for you. At the end of the course, you can take the grades that are received from the online course and add them to the transcript records that you have been keeping for your child.

Will my child be bored doing online homeschool?

Many parents worry that online homeschooling will bore their children. However, most of the time that is definitely not a concern. Most online curriculum have been designed to make it incredibly interesting for the student. The materials are typically very engaging and exciting. If you schedule your child’s day to make sure that they aren’t sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time, then there should be no worries about boredom!

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