Printing vs. Cursive Writing- What do you think?

What method of writing are you teaching your children? The traditional method or a cursive only method? The traditional American way of teaching writing is to teach the beginning learner print and then switch over to a cursive style of writing when they reach third grade. Then there are those who feel like teaching two separate methods of writing is a waste of time. The proponents of the cursive only method believe that teaching them cursive or at least a simplified version of cursive to start with will alleviate making the student learn an entire new way to write later. Third grade is a milestone year for most learners. This is the year they are expected to be reading fluently and expected to know their multiplication and division tables. Adding a whole new way of writing to their homeschool education could be cataclysmic.

If we teach our children one method of writing, the child can focus on the other important requirements they face toward the end of elementary school. By the time they are expected to know their multiplication tables, they should already have writing well under control.

If you are interested in teaching your child cursive from the start, using a D’Nealian style script for the preschool and kindergarten years naturally flows into cursive. I prefer a bit more curly version of D’Nealian, one that is almost purely cursive.

This is a sample of:

You can also find cursive only workbooks and texts designed especially for preschoolers through ABEKA books.

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