Preschool Tree Math


momschool9I love finding ways to teach my children without being “teachy.” Sounds crazy, but it sure does make learning a bit more fun and a lot less “stuffy.”

Here are a few ideas that use trees to teach math at the  preschool/kindergarten level.

1. Go for a walk and gather pinecones, acorns, leaves, or nuts. Use them to count and sort when you get home.

2. Get out the scale and weigh the various objects that you gathered on your walk. Ask questions that really make them think… why do the nuts weigh more than the leaves?

3. On your next walk count all of the evergreen and broadleaf trees. Sorting and classifying are great aspects of math learning.

4. Take time to “brainstorm” all of the things that are made from trees… write them out on construction paper trees!

5. Make a recipe that uses something from a tree… such as nuts. Allow the children to measure etc.

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