Play Ball!

Have you ever noticed how intently kids will invest time and effort into fine tuning skills that have to do with sports? It seems that they willingly practice and invest extra time and effort into making themselves better.
Why don’t they respond this way to school work and learning? I am sure some of this comes from the athletic focus of our culture, but the rest I believe stems from the ability to apply these skills immediately. They enjoy the fact that they discover if what they are learning works. They like the relevence of investing time to become better at something. How can we translate this enthusiasm to education?
I believe that answer to making this work for homeschooling to make the learning relevant. They won’t be motivated by being told they’ll use this knowledge years down the road. They need ways to apply it now. Through contests, projects, pen pals, competition…whatever you can find…work to make it relevent for them now!

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