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Momschool januarySo, from what I’ve seen the statistics show that most people change from traditional schooling to homeschooling in the month of October and January. I’m sure we can all guess as to the timing of that… perhaps a bit disgruntled? I’ve had many people ask if it is even possible. Definitely! In any case, starting to homeschool in the middle of a school term is not just possible – it’s easy.

If you’ve determined that homeschooling is definitely the route you want to take, you begin the same way you would begin homeschooling at the beginning of the year.

  1. Declare your intentions! Be sure to officially withdraw your child from school, and then check your state’s homeschool requirements to determine how you need to comply.
  2. Determine your path. It’s important to review the different types of homeschooling, different methods of teaching/scheduling, and different curriculum. Read reviews, ask questions on the homeschool support forums, and pick a program or mix of programs that best suit your student.
  3. Develop your plan. There are a multitude of resources that can help you determine what you need to accomplish in your first year, how you’ll keep records, track progress, and how to best meet your overall educational goals. One of our favorite is Let’s Homeschool High School (I’m not partial – I’m just the site admin… LOL!).
  4. Discover your local support! You won’t believe just how much your local area has to offer –  support groups, learning cooperatives, courses and electives, homeschool athletic leagues, community service options, field trips, internships, and dual enrollment opportunities. A quick google search will usually lead to a huge list. All that’s left is for you to get involved.
  5. Document your progress. It’s absolutely necessary for homeschoolers to keep good records, and for high school this includes detailed transcripts. It’s also important that each course gets the appropriate amount of credit. Online schools will often take care of this for you, but you may still need to create a master transcript for your student.

The only additional thing “starting mid year” would require is that you get an accurate picture of where your student is in their mastery of their grade level. If they were going to traditional school, this should be pretty easily obtained from their teacher. If they’ve been doing alternate methods, you may want to give them a placement test. Some of the homeschool curriculum out there will offer a specific placement test for their material. Take advantage of that, because your child may actually be in more than one grade level. For homeschoolers, that’s really not an issue. One of our favorite curriculum for a child spanning multiple grade levels is Time4Learning. You purchase your main grade level, but they include both the grade level above and below.

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