My Top 5 Homeschooling Resources


TOP 5Ok… my addiction is beginning to show. I love – I mean really love “Top Lists.” I especially love to read them. They are concise nuggets of knowledge. mmmm… almost like an m&m. Well, maybe not quite. 🙂

Over the past several years, I have used quite a few different curriculum resources. Some of them I have ended up tossing (some I beat with a hammer and shredded before tossing), while others have been companions for many years. Those that I like to refer to as “keepers” are what I’d like to share with you today.

1) Positive action for Christ Bible Curriculum – they offer various different levels. We have used the teen/middle school level for several years and have been able to make it reach the little one’s level while also meeting our teen’s spiritual needs.

2)Apologia science – This was one of those little blessings given to me straight from God. I needed a curriculum that I could use to teach at least 4 different elementary school ages. This was it… add lapbooking or notebooking to the equation and you have loads of fun.

3) Institute for Excellence in Writing. This one is new for us – but so far we are really loving it. It has brought new interest and new inspiration for writing to my young teens.

4) Time4Learning – We used this online learning resource in conjunction with workbooks and other texts. The children love the hilarious antics of the animated characters, and I love that they learn while having fun!

5) Spelling City – How do you teach 5 levels of spelling at one time? Easy – spelling city! You can import your word lists, set the assignments, then let the kiddos at it! It tracks progress and tests. How easy is that?

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