Mastery Learning and the Homeschool

The typical school format really does not provide for any type of mastery learning. However, the best way to educate is through mastery learning. In fact, the big picture of your child’s education should be a plan that includes both elementary and high school learning.

In the elementary years, we should be educating our children for breadth. This simply means that we introduce our children to a variety of subjects, genres, and methods of learning in order to discover where our children’s talents and interests lie. By the time they reach middle school or high school you should have a pretty good idea of what they enjoy and what they do well at.

Once in high school these are the areas that you should focus on for mastery. So, in high school you no longer need the breadth that you had in elementary school, but now you are looking for depth in your child’s education. You have found the subjects and areas that interest them and in which their talents lie; now you coach them or encourage them to pursue these areas. This is where mastery comes in. Throughout high school you can help them to arrange their schedule to allow for opportunities to study further in these areas. You can also encourage them to find an outlet to apply experientially what they have been learning.

Giving them these opportunities will help them as they prepare themselves for their future ministry in whatever field or area God calls them to. Isn’t that what home education is all about?

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