Making Homeschooling Fun!

Keep Homeschool Interesting

Keep Homeschool InterestingMaking Homeschooling Fun

The challenges of homeschooling many children on a tight budget can easily bring me down. The days are never long enough, there is always something that we need, or that would make our adventures easier, and the kids are always ready to… PLAY! In my visions of homeschooling grandeur, I often thought my children would be self motivated learners. My hopes included them waking up every morning ready for me to impart knowledge to them- with books in hand – eagerly waiting for me in our schoolroom…I soon realized this was just a dream( I’m still holding out – maybe one dayJ). Seriously, the real world that we live in involves ME keeping the kids motivated and excited about learning. Often this motivation comes at a high price. I have found that there are certain types of curriculum that inherently keep the kids more interested. I have also found that if I add things to our routine that they “love” to do… it gets them into it. It isn’t easy, but take some time to find out just what your child likes to do. Figure out a way to apply that desire, passion, or hobby into education and add it to your homeschooling curriculum… your child will love it and you may be surprised that they actually want to do school… at least on THAT day! J

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