Making Homeschool Work Days Fly…

Homeschooling isn’t easy…

No, it isn’t… but there are things that we can do as homeschool moms to make it run alot smoother. One issue that my 4 youngest seem to always have is that of staying focused! They are easily distracted and quickly get off task. I had been searching for ways to get them to stay on task and stay focused. We’ve tried several things like having a check list which they would check off after they completed each daily required task. This worked…sort of… if they didn’t color all over it or lose it.

Homeschool Work Timers Made our Schedule Work…

I finally stumbled on a timer app for my ipad. This app allowed me to enter a schedule with labels into the app. Each class period was given 30 minutes, and had its own label. When I started using this it was like a miracle had occurred. The day flew by and each of the children seemed to stay on task much better than ever before. Granted after the newness wore off, a few of our old struggles resurfaced. However, on a regular basis the timer still helps them to stay focused and aware of where they should be and what they should be doing.

Here’s a Free Homeschool Timer for You to Try!

I wanted to find a PC timer that was similar to the one that we have been using, but this is the closest thing I could find. It still times in 30 minute increments it just doesn’t list the subject that should be studied at the moment. There are a few more interesting times that I’ve included… perhaps one will transform your homeschool day!

Balloon Timer

homeschool class timer

Class Tools Timer


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