Making a Great Test

Having pre-made tests are great, but that option isn’t always available. Homeschoolers, even though we need to be using alternative means of assessment… often have to make their own tests. It really isn’t a difficult thing to do, but there are a few things you should always keep in mind when designing your own test.

  1. A test should always cover what was learned in the lessons. This means that if you use goals and objectives, your test should cover those exact objectives. Never pull test questions out of thin air, this isn’t fair to the tester.
  2. The best type of test is the essay test. This test requires the tester to completely pull all knowledge from their own resources.
  3. Tests should typically be a variety of questions.
  4. Tests should not be repetetive. Don’t repeat questions. Don’t give away answers with nonsensical options.
  5. Don’t ask only simple rote memory questions. Make sure that your questions build in the Cognitive learning domain. Begin with rote memory questions that test the facts, then move to questions that make students analyze what they have learned, then the students to synthesize the knowledge and facts, and then finally ask questions (such as essay ) that require them to evaluate and apply what they have learned.
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