Make Your Field Trips Great!

momschool field trips

momschool field tripsField trips can be a great vehicle for learning and experiencing. Yet, even some of the best field trips can turn into disaster without a few guidelines. here are a few tips for an awesome field trip…

1) Make sure your field tip fits the age of your children

2) Don’t go during peak season. Off season trips are cheaper, and less crowded.

3) Keep your goup size manageable.

4) Limit the time span. Don’t take little ones on an all day trip. Keep it relevant and short.

5)Do pre-trip learning activities read about the trip and get back ground information before your go.

6) Ask for a guide – getting insider information about the trip can make all the difference.

7) Do post -trip activities. give the children closure- do more reading, write a paper, or have a discussion to help the children remember what they learned.


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