Living a Life of Gratitude?

After checking out the homeschool blogs of those who comment here… I was introduced to Anne Voskamp… and her One Thousand Gifts…and now I am in love…

I love her website, I love the idea behind her book. I just love the fact that someone is initiating a movement to be grateful! I love the fact that so many people are catching on and the words that they respond with are so beautiful… just plain simple words… but in gratitude to our amazing Savior… so beautiful! Ann definitely is a gifted writer… and her encouragement to focus on the moments of life and giving thanks for them is amazing.


I loved reading the tweet update on her website, and all the wonderful words of thankfulness! It is so amazing, and gives praise to our awesome God!


I hope to try this in our home in our homeschool and for myself personally – a gratitude journal. We can surely use a strong dose of thankfulness, and seeing the beauty in the precious things that surround us.

Here is a link to printables to make your gratitude journal beautiful in more than one way…

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  1. Ann is such a blessing. I am so glad that you made it to her site.

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