Let’s Play…Nazi?

I love the crazy things my kids say… sometimes it just cracks us up! Our youngest comes up with the silliest words… Here are a few of her latest

In Bible class… one day we were talking about Ecclesiastes… which she innocently referred to as Ex-squeeze- e- astes!

Another favorite is her expression when she’s interrupted by one of her siblings… she says indignantly… “Wanna feel my raf?” Not exactly sure where that one came from… maybe a cartoon?

Then the reason I’m posting this silliness tonight, is because she just asked her Daddy if he would play “Nazi” with her…  of course, she had the Yahtzee box in her hand when she asked!!

Do you have any crazy things your youngin’s have said… please share… so we can all get a little laughter relief!


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  1. Oh, yeah! My son once told me that his nose wasn’t for smelling, it was for finding the green peanuts!

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