Let’s Get Started – Homeschooling Pre-K

homeschool preschool

homeschool preschoolI’ve never been a proponent of serious schooling at the PreK level. I believe at this age the child learns so much by playing, mimicking, and using their imagination. To push schooling would be a disservice to the child. However, with that being said some children are ready to get learning at this age and actually ask for school. In these situations, there are a few basic curriculum that I’d recommend.

Big Preschool Activity Workbook Ages 4 & Up

Brain Quest Workbook: Pre-K

Preschool Number and Letter Flashcards

ABEKA PreK  – this is great to pick and choose and it has a nice “art” book.

Time4Learning (very easy to add a light dose of school) – a “no stress” way to get them started

Of course, there are always ways to get your Preschool kiddo ready for school with out formal schooling. Here’s a few things that I did:

Preschool color and activity books

Lots and lots of board puzzles

Preschool Skills: Colors and Shapes (Flash Kids Preschool Skills)

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